Demystifying meningitis.

 Meningitis is probably one of the scariest diseases that any parent worries about and carries at the back of their mind. We’ve all heard of it and know something about it, and the key point that we all are very well aware of, it that it can be so serious that certain types of it […]

To c-section or not to c-section?

    To C-section or, not to C-section…? Firstly, if you are at all interested in C-section, there are some absolutely great warts and all blogs out there with fellow mum’s personal stories and pin interest has an absolutely fantastic page, which you can follow. The pictures are brave and beautiful and capture the magical […]

Smoking babies

The UK Government has announced that smoking in cars with children as passengers, will be a criminal offence. The BBC is closely following the announcements from Downing Street and has reported several updates. I can’t believe in this day and age with all of the known facts about the harm smoking can cause; people would […]

A nursery dilemma…..

  Is it terribly wrong of me to have a bit of a rant in my first blog post to The Busy Bubble? Well, I simply can’t keep this to myself and I reckon I am thinking exactly the same things as the other busy people out there, who on top of a hectic schedule, […]